22846 Norderstedt

Wohnpark Elchkamp

The quarter “4 Höfe Norderstedt” mirrors the history of the town: Once there were the four communes Harksheide, Garstedt, Friedrichsgabe and Glashütte, of whom Norderstedt originated in 1970. In Harksheide once the Ochsenzoll (ox duty) was imposed, the quarter with the same name on the border between Norderstedt and Hamburg still reminds you of that. Glashütte has its name for a production facility for glass, which operated here in the 18th century. Garstedt was the wealthiest and oldest, Friedrichsgabe the youngest of the communes: it was founded only 1821 on a piece of land that the Danish king Frederic IV supplied. Every court stands for one of the old districts – so the past of the formerly boondocks lives on in the new, urban quarter. The unique area in central Norderstedt is quiet but in close proximity to the shopping streets, beautiful parks and the subway and train stations. Here a quarter with four courts will be built – overall 129 flats for sale, 83 service rental flats for elderly perople as well as 67 living units for the publicly funded construction of rental housing.

Two further advantages:
payment only on key delivery
free of courtage, due to purchase directly from the property developer

Energetic key figures:
Year of construction 2022
Requirement certificate
Ultimate energy demand 47 kWh/(m²a)
Energy Efficiency Category A
District heating

Your contact person:
Mr. Ilja Matz
Tel.: 04822 37 75 29
e-mail: matz@struck-wohnbau.de

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House 1.1

17 flats for sale

House 1.2

11 flats for sale

House 1.3

20 flats for sale

House 1.4

11 flats for sale

Flat 1 / GF 2 rooms 67.0 m²   Ground plan
Flat 2 / GF 3 rooms 84.0 m²   Ground plan
Flat 3 / 1F 3 rooms 71.3 m²   Ground plan
Flat 4 / 1F
2 rooms 57.6 m²   Ground plan
Flat 5 / 1F 3 rooms 82.1 m²   sold
Flat 6 / 2F 3 rooms 75.1 m²   Ground plan
Flat 7 / 2F 2 rooms 57.6 m²   reserved
Flat 8 / 2F
3 rooms 82.1 m²   Ground plan
Flat 9 / 3F
3 rooms 75.1 m²   Ground plan
Flat 10 / 3F 2 rooms 57.6 m²   Ground plan
Flat 11 / 3F 3 rooms 82.1 m²   Ground plan
Flat 12 / 4F 3 rooms 75.1 m²   Ground plan
Flat 13 / 4F
2 rooms 57.6 m²   Ground plan
Flat 14 / 4F 3 rooms 104.4 m²   Ground plan
Flat 15 / 5F 3 rooms 75.1 m²   sold
Flat 16 / 5F
2 rooms 57.6 m²   sold
Flat 17 / 5F 3 rooms 100.1 m²   Ground plan


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