Wählingsallee 17 a + b
22459 Hamburg-Schnelsen

The “Wählingshof” with its characterstic architecture and comfortable indoor environment quality offers the liberty of an own property coupled with the conveniences of an elaborate residential complex. Attractive gardens, current energy efficience standards or the access to the own split-level from the underground car park are only some of the highlights of this outstanding project. In your new property you will find room to relax and can also use the high recreational value and the magnificent infrastructure of this naturally grown district at the same time.

Schnelsen preserved its own character and flanks the rural charme around the Frohmestrasse with an excellent good accessibiliry. If you are using your own car, public transport or the bicycle, the “Wählingshof” offers a superb starting point for shopping, relaxing trips to the countryside or for the way to Hamburg’s city. With its small shops and the weekly market Schnelsen remains a village in the city.

Ambitious architecture and tasteful living convenience were our maximes during the draft of the “Wählingshof”. Look forward to the attractive furnishings of the rooms with parquet flooring and underfloor heating as well as floor-to-ceiling windows. Outside our project convinces with generous balconies and attractivly planned gardens. A modern heating system helps with additional use of renewable energy to protect the environment and provides comfortable cosiness in your new property.

In our new project “Wählingshof” you will find:

  • Large windows for well-lit rooms
  • 2 to 4 optimum designed rooms
  • Spacious ground plans
  • generous terraces and balconies
  • Underground car park and elevator
  • Controlled ventillation system
  • Parquet floors and underfloor heating
  • Fitted kitchens of top-quality brands
  • Hand towel heating elements in the bathrooms
  • Motorized rolling shutters in the ground floor
  • Attractive gardens
  • Payment on completion

Energetic key figure:

  • Year of construction 2015
  • Requirement certificate
  • Ultimate energy demand 31,46 kWh/(m²a)
  • Gas heating 

Equipment, Ground Plans, Comfort - everything is well-matched.
And there is still enough space for your individual wishes.
You are welcome to talk to us.


Hamburg-Schnelsen Wählingsallee 17 a + b Neubau von 20 Eigentumswohnungen



Floor plans

Flat 1 / GF 4 rooms 123,05 m²   sold  
Flat 2 / GF 2 rooms 70,53 m²   sold  
Flat 3 / GF 3 rooms 86,38 m²   sold  
Flat 4 / GF 3 rooms 99,96 m²   sold  
Flat 5 / GF 3 rooms 99,96 m²   sold  
Flat 6 / GF 3 rooms 86,38 m²   sold  
Flat 7 / GF 2 rooms 70,53 m²   sold  
Flat 8 / GF 4 rooms 123,47 m²   sold  
Flat 9 / OG 4 rooms 122,95 m²   sold  
Flat 10 / 1F 2 rooms 70,36 m²   sold  
Flat 11 / 1F 3 rooms 111,33 m²   sold  
Flat 12 / 1F 3 rooms 138,58 m²   sold  
Flat 13 / 1F 3 rooms 110,06 m²   sold  
Flat 14 / 1F 3 rooms 120,37 m²   sold  
Flat 15 / 1F 2 rooms 117,56 m²   sold  
Flat 16 / 1F 4 rooms 170,13 m²   sold  
Flat 17 / TF 3½ rooms 117,56 m²   sold  
Flat 18 / TF 4 rooms 170,13 m²   sold  
Flat 19 / TF 4 rooms 117,56 m²   sold  
Flat 20 / TF 3½ rooms 170,13 m²   sold  


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